ST-002 ST-003 Coin operated box blown fuse - how to replace fuse.

For ST-002 & ST-003 coin operated box. sometimes the fuse is possible to get blown, which is in order to protect machine from over current issue.

Especially for ST-003, it's heavy duty for dryers. and sometimes dryers might have instant surge current when starting up. and then blow the fuse by accident.

for Sintron ST-003 we use a customized Ceramic Fuse with Time delay. so if you need more fuses. it's better to contact us to get it. because it's customized fuse for ST-003.


below are steps to replace the fuses. 


1st. locate where the fuse is.

2nd. take out the fuse and check if the fuse are ok.( you can use a multi meter to check if you know how to)

below is a video showing how to do this.

note: for ST-002, there is 1 fuse. for ST-003, there are 2 fuses.

3rd. replace it and put it back again. 


PS. if your machine keeps blowing the fuse. you might want to check if there's a short circuit in your machine.






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