ST-002 ST-003 screw issue

update: 2020-09-14

we noticed some board might burn directly after power on. after further investigation. we have found the problem are the screws installation problem.

the phenomenon you would notice is, it would burn directly (but no safety concern, only the board), and when you look at the board, there’s one IC got burnt.

phenomenon with pictures:


and after we got reported this situation. we have found the issue is the “screws” problem.

please check below 2 screws position.


during installation of these screws. some of them are not with perfect insulation. so this might lead to short circuit in some electric system. ( not all electric system ).


we have found this issue and are ready to make sure this is solved in the future.


Solution: if the coin operated box you received is with this issue. please contact us first. we will arrange to send a new board for you to replace it. then it would work again.

 thanks and sorry for this inconvenience for our customers.

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