ST-027 Smart Plug update firmware instruction

firmware v1.5 ( update with Siri Support, including amazon alexa, google home )  

( will update Siri Instruction soon ) 

 how to know my device firmware version: after you complete Part 1. set up for wifi & API token, power on. if it blink x times. it's v1.x.


  1. Please update firmware to V1.5 . ( ST-027 has internet update function).

    before you start, make sure you did put in the WIFI SSID and Password correctly already. so it can connects to WIFI and Internet. ( see instruction Part 1.)


2.please follow the instruction below:

text instruction :

hold the button before power on —> power on —> release button and it would blink 2 times —> press the button right away again —> it would keep blinking ( about 1~2 minutes, please wait and be patient ) —> stop blinking —> reboot and check again if it blinks 5 times in working mode ( firmware V1.5 would blink 5 times )

 notice: do not power off while it's updating. otherwise it could be dead.
please wait at least 3 minutes.

video instruction :


3. please use the API Key we provide to setup again. ( if you don’t get this API key, please kindly contact us again to get it)




then the setup is completed, please continue. ( see instruction Part 2.)